Bradenton Means Business: Strength in Numbers

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Let’s Connect, Bradenton! 

Ever heard the saying, “team work makes the dream work?” It’s a saying that I personally use often. I say it when someone offers to help me load in my equipment at a gig, when I can’t finish a big meal (hardly ever lol) or when I throw a paper towel airball and it lands near the trash can and someone helps me save face by throwing it away. I still get those points, right?

Having people in our corner makes us feel less alone. I’m super grateful for the friends, family and strangers that recognize the importance of working together. 

Sure, we could do most things alone, but why should we if there’s someone that’s willing to help? I can be a prideful person so it’s not easy to ask for help or assistance if I think I can achieve something on my own. “Don’t bother them” runs through my mind.

We create these scenarios when we imagine someone’s response and it’s usually always incorrect. We imagine people yelling and screaming at us when they feel “interrupted” only to have the complete opposite experience when we finally build up the nerve to ask. 

It’s funny what crazy scenarios we can create in our minds. Many of us are jaded because of bad experiences with others and it creates a false sense of thinking we can just do everything ourselves. This isn’t always the case.

We need community. We need someone for friendship, advice, camaraderie and sometimes to just sit and be still. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you’re inept or incapable. It just means you are wise enough to not always rely on yourself especially if you know someone that is more skilled in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Is there someone that you can count on when challenges persist or when you need a push in the right direction? Perhaps, you’re that person for someone else. 

The saying, “there’s strength in numbers” rings true. We can get more accomplished with like-minded and willing people and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

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