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Bernard Croghan, founder of Connect Bradenton

Bernard Croghan is Founder and "Senior Doer" of Connect Bradenton. He has over 25 years experience in commercial office development in the Bradenton area. Since 2000, he has developed and operated Flexible Workplaces. There are different types: Cowork, Virtual Office, Executive Suite and Meeting Spaces. The common strategy is Shared Services. Small businesses and professionals can reduce their overhead costs by renting only the space that they need, when they need it. and sharing staffing,  common spaces and services that they use only part time. The net result is typically a 50% reduction of monthly overhead costs, enabling the small business to do more with less. Millennials have given overwhelming acceptance to  "Coworking." Work spaces are grouped together in open floor plans.  Clients can connect with each other while working.

These work styles are mainly space utilization strategies.  Content makes the difference.   We believe that Art and Community Activities can convert the work space into a vibrant, creative Workplace.  We integrate original art and community events  into our daily work life to provide creativity and spontaneity.

We are especially pleased to add Mathew Peters to our organization.  He is both  client and partner in our effort to create a rich Workplace, where our clients can connect and grow together.  Say Hello to Matthew.

Matthew J Peters, owner of Asynd

Matthew J Peters is Creative Director at Connect! Matthew joins Connect as an Academy Award winner and two-time Amazon best-selling author. His background in helping business owners and elite-level entrepreneurs become the Preeminent Voice in their space has become an integral part of the weekly training programs at Connect. His strategies focus on clear messaging with compelling calls to action that attract the top 10% of the market with strategic video, new media, printed books and magazines.

Matthew is an avid podcaster with his radio show Preeminence and has been featured on dozens of business blogs, business books, radio interviews and in international magazines.

As President of The Brilliant Futures Institute, Matthew has partnered with Connect to hold weekly educational training programs for entrepreneurs.

At Connect, we are always searching for the best and brightest trainers to present quality, practical and actionable content that helps entrepreneurs and non-profits grow their audience, influence, and improve their bottom line. Reach out to us if you have a passion for teaching what you know.

To see what is coming up, visit our Events Page and Blog.

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