About Connect Bradenton

Bernard Croghan is Founder and "Senior Doer" of Connect Bradenton.  He has over 25 years experience in commercial office development in the Bradenton area.  Since 2000, he has developed and operated Shared Service Office Centers  (ComCenter) model. Simply stated, shared services means that small businesses can reduce their overhead costs by renting only the space that they need full time, and sharing staffing,  spaces and services that they use only part time. The net result is typically a 50% reduction of overhead costs, enabling the small business to do more with less. Sharp thinking Millenials have given overwhelming acceptance of the Shared Service office.   They call it "Coworking."    Connect Bradenton  is Shared Services on steroids.

Croghan takes great pleasure in listening to small business owners describe their dream, and finds it very satisfying to help them reach that dream.  He has served over 1,000 small businesses in their pursuit.  As Senior Doer of Connect Bradenton, he plans to pour the coffee,  listen, and help out.

Bernard Croghan