Our mission is to connect our business clients with each other, with the arts and with the community, so we all profit and grow.

We Support Local Talent

We Support Local Talent

Need a place to showcase your music and/ or art? Bring us your idea.
Collaboration Works

Collaboration Works

Community members come to Connect! regularly to do business and build the community.  We have meeting rooms to serve 2-8 people and one large Atrium that can serve 40 or 50.
Alternative Solutions

Alternative Solutions

Traditional marketing and advertising solutions aren’t working. Use Connect’s Presentation, Podcasting and Video Studios to deliver a powerful message. We can teach you!






Bradenton is most frequently described as “The Friendly City.”  It is also described as the community that children come back to when raising their own.


Connect!  and Clients will build on this business/social/arts atmosphere that is casual, comfortable and busy that works and plays all day. Art & Community fit naturally with the Business-Social mix.

Downtown Bradenton has become a vibrant community because of the tireless work of Realize Bradenton, its small staff and legion of civic and business volunteers. We urge every new Connect! member  to visit http://www.realizebradenton.com and join in. Help Bradenton grow. Make your business grow.


The Arts


Connect Bradenton is located at 600 Old Main Street, which is midpoint between traditional downtown and The Village of the Arts. http://villageofthearts.com The Village of the Arts is an eclectic live-work community made up of colorful historic cottages that house everything from award-winning restaurants to specialty shops, studios, healing arts, bakeries and a wonderful collection of galleries.

Connect! is delighted to join forces with The Village of the Arts and recognize the important contribution that independent and freelancing artists make in The Bradenton Area.  Businesses everywhere are learning to weave creativity into the fabric of their business. Companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Tesla are leading the way by building smart design into their facilities and products.

Art Creates Value in Business. Connect! has acquired an investment grade art collection from Italy, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and Argentina. The art beautifies our client’s work space, but now we will create a for-profit art gallery to sell this collection and acquire more. We are using our space to create another profit opportunity.


Art + Community = Good Business


The Connect! Proposition is that  Small Business, Art and a Vibrant Community form a powerful,  sustainable market place that will survive external factors.

Small Business will thrive