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Let’s Connect, Bradenton!

Have you ever wondered who is the fabulous writer behind-the-scenes at Discover Bradenton? Wonder no more! Freelance writer, Beth Deyo, is the content creator and owner of Discover Bradenton. Beth turned her passion for Bradenton and love for writing into the website you see today.

Originally from Auburn, New York, Beth and her husband were ready to escape the cold. When Beth’s husband was offered a job in Bradenton, they decided to take a leap and move to “The Friendly City.”

“He found a job in Bradenton and we thought it would be a temporary stop until we figured out what part of Florida we wanted to call home,” Beth said. “ When we got here, we fell in love, and it’s been our home ever since.”

Beth had no connections when she relocated here.

“When I moved here I was 20 years old, had never been to Bradenton, didn’t have a job, and didn’t know a single person who lived here,” she said.

Beth Deyo, owner and creator of Discover Bradenton

Discover Bradenton is a one-stop shop for all-things related to what’s happening around town. It’s Beth’s mission to help locals find events and announcements more efficiently. Discover’s website and social media channels posts a variety of content including “upcoming events, interesting new businesses that are opening up, local organizations that are doing good things for our community” and much more.

“Our goal is to help people ‘keep their finger on the pulse’ of the hottest things going on in Bradenton,” she said. 

In the 20 years that she’s lived here, Beth has seen a positive amount of changes throughout the city.

“Bradenton has come a long way since I moved here in 1997 and, in particular, in the past several years. I have heard way too many times that ‘there’s nothing to do in Bradenton’ and you have to go to Sarasota, St. Pete, or Tampa to do anything cool. While those places are all great, I knew there were plenty of cool things to do right here.”

Beth began to jot down a list of cool activities and places around town so she could spread the word to friends. Like Beth, many locals were also finding out about events after they’d already past. Discover Bradenton was born when Beth sensed there was a need to have all of this information in one place. 

“What I found was that it was way more difficult to find out about area events, activities, charities, dining, and businesses than it should be. It took hours of searching and was very frustrating. I thought – there has to be a better way.”

Today, Discover Bradenton has over 4,000 Facebook followers and a weekly email newsletter that reaches close to 1,000 followers . What started out as a passion project in March 2019, has now gained traction within the community. Locals are now invested in Discover Bradenton and many businesses and organizations have benefited from having their events advertised through the channel.

Discover Bradenton now offers membership subscription options for businesses and non-profits.

“I love hearing about how a business started seeing more customers after we’ve published an article about them or when someone from a non-profit reaches out and is extremely grateful for an outlet to share information about their upcoming event or the things they need from our community,” she said.

Discover Bradenton‘s success is a testament of what community involvement looks like.  

“At the end of the day, if I’ve helped someone tell their story and it leads to them connecting with people who are looking for their services, then I consider it a success,” she said.

“At the same time, if I can help the person who wants to know what to do with their kid on Halloween or where to go for the best pizza in town without having to spend hours doing research, then that’s a success too. I think approaching this from both sides helps our community to grow and thrive.”

Although Beth’s main focus is helping others get the word out and keep locals in the know, she still makes time to do what she loves.

“Since I started Discover Bradenton, I’ve had the opportunity to explore our city in ways I never would have dreamed of before, and that’s definitely one of the best parts of my job.”

It’s locals like Beth that make our town a better place.  

If you have a community-related event or announcement that you would like posted on Discover Bradenton, please contact Beth at admin@discoverbradenton.com or fill out their contact form.

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