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Let’s Connect, Bradenton!

Last summer, Pat Laughrey, joined the Connect Bradenton team as a Brand Ambassador and in-house media guru. If you’re looking to take your business to the next creative level, Pat is your guy. Pat’s style and passion to connect with others is right on par with Connect’s mission, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on the team.

Pat is still a “newbie” to Bradenton and he brings a fresh perspective and vibe. He moved here in November 2018 from Houston, Texas. 

“We appreciate everything he does for us,” said Wade Hamilton, Connect’s Macro Manager. “The skill set he brings is not just a compliment to our team, but something that our community of local businesses can use to reach their full potential. We are lucky to have him at Connect.”

Pat and Wade first met in August at Lesa Silvermore’s show hosted by Connect Bradenton. Pat was running sound and filming the concert. The two quickly bonded over music and the following week, Pat came in for an interview. A week later, he became Connect’s Brand Ambassador and has hit the ground running.

Pat Laughrey

Pat is enjoying his new role and the positive outcomes Connect Bradenton has on the local business community.

“I’ve been really impressed with the focus on developing an uplifting community that prides itself on making fulfilling connection between a diverse group of professionals,” he said. 

Pat’s an all-around media powerhouse and his background is extensive.  

“Touring with rock and country bands gave me the opportunity to do session work at some local studios as a bass player,” he said. Eventually I picked up some internships at these studios to be an audio engineer working with bands doing recordings, mixing, and mastering work.”

This initial introduction would eventually lead to his own future projects.

“At the time, I had a roommate who wanted to start a film company and we started working together. He taught me the basics of camera work, and after years of working at the skills, I felt confident enough to take on my own projects,” he said. 

One of Pat’s biggest roles was overseeing a large church in Houston.

“I picked up a job at a large church in Houston, and quickly became the acting media lead, overseeing TV broadcast, photo coverage for web and in-house magazine, training and managing Media Ministry volunteers, creative development for promoting upcoming events, etc.”

“I love recording and mixing audio, layering subtle details in place that really help whoever is listening fall into a sonic landscape.”

Film and photography are key assets to help build your brand and increase its chances of success. Having a content creator in-house is definitely a plus and Pat is ready to take your brand to the next level.

“If utilized effectively, photos and videos can be instrumental in developing and enriching a business’ brand and identity. Having quality and genuine media that shows the pride and focus of a business helps show the world the culture of the business, and what drives their focus,” he said.

Pat will be working on upcoming podcasts for Connect. Podcast listening is on the rise. According to the New York Times, more than half of the U.S. population have listened to at least one podcast, and now nearly one in three people listen to one podcast a month. Last year was one in four.

It’s extremely important for podcasts to have pristine sound since the purpose of a podcast is audio focused. Fortunately for Connect, sound reinforcement is one of Pat’s specialties. 

“I believe my true passion is in sound design,” he says. “I love recording and mixing audio, layering subtle details in place that really help whoever is listening fall into a sonic landscape.”

Video by Pat Laughrey

Although Pat works as a “one man band,” he enjoys collaborating with local professionals, entrepreneurs, and working professionals and is very community focused.

“Collaboration is absolutely key in my field of work,” he says. 

Film and photography isn’t the only thing Pat’s passionate about. Outside of work, he leads an active lifestyle.

“I probably have way too many hobbies,” he says. “Most notable would be roller skating. I skate with Bradenton’s very own Bradentucky Bombers Rollerderby League. They have an open gender team that meets on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.”

As you can see, Pat is an all-around passionate and active guy in the community. It’s a tremendous pleasure to have him at Connect. 

If you’re interested in collaborating with Pat at Connect, swing by the office between 3-5 or send him a direct email at plaughrey@gmail.com. 

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