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Let’s Connect, Bradenton!

Working remotely is continuing to rise as more business owners shift toward a flexible, workplace environment in order to accommodate the growing needs of their clients and employees. Law firms, specifically, are embracing this model more than ever. 

According to the online news journal, Above the Law, law firms have seen improvement in “areas of worker productivity, engagement, and sustained quality of services offered to clients.”

Connect offers flexible workspaces for law firms looking to adapt to this growing demand. We have several attorneys and law firms as members already.

Connect is conveniently located directly across the street from the Manatee County Courthouse and Judicial Center making it easier for you to get back and forth when you’re in-between hearings and need a convenient place to meet with a client or get work done. 

Meeting room bookings for depositions and mediations have increased here at Connect in the last several months. We serve both local and surrounding reporting agencies throughout Tampa Bay and Central Florida.  

Connect member, Dustin Wagner, is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney who finds the flexibility of Connect’s proximity to the courthouse and our downtown location a huge asset. 

“Being downtown adds legitimacy to my practice. The location makes people comfortable that they can find me, when asking for an appointment,” he said. 

“Being downtown also makes it easier to pop over to the courthouse on short notice or meet a client for lunch.”

Dustin Wagner (Left) and Angel Cruz at Connect Bradenton

Dustin has been an attorney for almost eight years. “There was no movie-like moment when I suddenly wanted to be an attorney. But, back in 2008, the company I was working for at the time started down-sizing due to the economic collapse. So, I was given an ultimatum to move with the company to another state or say adios,” he said.

“After kicking around some ideas, admittedly I was always frustrated watching the local news and seeing people commit crimes in my backyard.”  I felt like I could go help clean things up as a prosecutor and decided to test the waters.” 

Dustin ultimately decided on the public defender sector and hopes that the impact “on the community was equally effective.”

“Without a doubt, Connect has been a game changer for my practice.”

Born in Ocala, but raised on Anna Maria Island, the 2000 Manatee High School alum has been a member of Connect for two years.

“Prior to starting my own firm, I worked for a law firm that held an office in Connect. Without a doubt, Connect has been a game changer for my practice,” he said.

Being an attorney is very rewarding for Dustin and working at a flexible workspace like Connect really benefits his clients. 

“I save my client’s a lot of time and money by being flexible. It also helps not being ‘handcuffed’ to a desk,” he said. “Working remotely makes my life more efficient and I can handle issues while I am traveling to handle other issues.”

Aside from his busy work schedule, Dustin is able to squeeze in some downtime for hobbies.

“I enjoy traveling and being outdoors as often as I can. When the time is right, I am hoping to find and restore an old classic car that I used to own in college.”  

Dustin offers free consultations. If you’d like to get in touch, you can contact him at 941-993-4226 by phone or text or email him at

Dustin’s office, Lightning Law PLLC, serves Manatee , Sarasota, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

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