Bradenton Means Business: “Let’s Connect” Live

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Connect takes great pride in being a member of the business community in the City of Bradenton and Manatee County. We are all living and operating in a very different business climate right now. That got us thinking. 

  • What can we be doing to continue to support our community?  
  • Who do we know that could use our support? 
  • Where do we have a unique opportunity to show that support? 
  • How can we accomplish that while most business professionals are working from home? 
  • When should we get started? 

Here are our initial responses: 

  • We can challenge everyone in our network to help one another, and we should do the same!  
  • Almost every single business needs help from our community right now. 
  • We are active members in several large networks of collaborative business professionals. 
  • We can utilize all the digital media options at our disposal. 
  • No better time than NOW! 

“Maintaining relationships during this time is as important as before, if not more so.” 

Connect has either hosted or participated in a virtual networking meeting every Thursday since the stay-at-home order went into effect. Every week we recommend and encourage attendees to schedule virtual one-on-one meetings. Maintaining relationships during this time is as important as before, if not more so. Another suggestion we made and followed was to make a calculated and concerted effort to ramp up professional engagement on social media. We have “liked,” commented on and shared posts from local businesses. We have challenged our followers to do the same. In terms of ROI, the easiest and most effective thing you can do is to pick a handful of deserving businesses and give them five-star reviews on as many platforms as you can. It takes a matter of minutes, and can have a lasting effect on their reputation, not to mention their SEO (search engine optimization). 

Those are the “low hanging fruit” of impactful actions one can take while working from home. They are literally the least you can do, outside of doing nothing at all. However, we can never settle for the minimum. That drove us to plan, organize and schedule the launch of “Let’s Connect Live.” Our virtual interview/community spotlight/video podcast. We want to focus on community businesses and business owners. Getting to know them. Allowing them to share their story and market their brand. Establishing and solidifying our relationships with the growing community of collaborative business professionals in the Manatee and Sarasota County area. 

“Our mission is to provide a platform for local businesses to share their story and further their brand awareness.” 

Our first episode goes live on Monday, April 27th at 4:00pm. We will be conducting the interview via Zoom and sharing it as a live video on Facebook. It will include an interactive Q&A for anyone watching live, and will be available to watch on all of our media outlets after the episode (our YouTube channelConnectBradenton.comFacebook@connect.bradenton on Instagram & the “Let’s Connect” Facebook group

Let's Connect Live: Guess the Guest
Monday, 4/27 @ 4:00pm

Our mission is to provide a platform for local businesses to share their story and further their brand awareness. We want to share this engaging content with our network and have those within our network share with their followers. Creating an exponential amplification of the signal.  

An unoriginal idea, in a very original situation.  

Thinking locally, acting globally. 

An actual community, sharing virtually. 

#ManateeStrong #ConnectChallenge #BradentonMeansBusiness 

Special Thanks to those in our community doing their part: 

Manatee Chamber of Commerce 

Bradenton Area EDC 

Realize Bradenton 

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