Bradenton Means Business: Reasons Why Flexible Workspaces Are More Important Than Ever

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Let’s connect, Bradenton!

Will flexible, coworking spaces still be relevant as we move past COVID-19? The answer is yes and now more than ever! Flexible workspaces are just that – flexible! They can be set up to meet the needs of customers and meet the CDC recommendations of social distancing. At Connect, commonly used surfaces are disinfected regularly and furniture is placed strategically apart. This is the new normal, but as humans, we adapt quickly and make the most of difficult situations.

Here are some reasons why flexible workspaces will not only survive but thrive.

Sorry, folks but Starbucks is closed. Well, not really, but they did minimize their indoor services and now mostly cater to drive-thru, delivery and “entryway hand-off” for mobile orders. In what used to be a great and flexible meet up spot for casual meetings is no longer a reliable option. For those businesses that must meet with clients in-person, meeting at your homes isn’t the best option for safety reasons. Meeting at Connect will secure you a safe and reliable place to meet with clients and we’ll make sure you are comfortably socially distanced.

“We are a built-in networking place.”

Coworking inspires creativity and collaboration. Just being in the same room with like-minded people will energize your own ability to get work done. Personally, I thrive off of being around others; not necessarily to start a discussion, but to see them work. It takes a lot to get out of bed and “go to work” when you have the opportunity to work from home.

There’s just nothing like “collaborating” with fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, hustlers and dreamers. Working in a shared workspace leads to future partnerships and endless networking opportunities. At Connect, we have witnessed members meet, exchange information and collaborate for events and other engagements. We are a built-in networking place.

Get Out of the House. Yes, work-from-home life has its luxuries. Being in your undies all day while your favorite TV show plays in the background is hard to beat. In March, COVID-19 forced businesses, schools and other places with large gatherings to shut down forcing families to congregate in shared study rooms at home.

“We have plenty of room and WI-FI so you can set up and work without any distractions.”

Dividing time amongst several family members to use the computer is stressful when there’s kids with different educational needs and requirements and parents who need to get work done in a timely manner. Coworking spaces provide an escape from this. We have plenty of room and WI-FI so you can set up and work without any distractions. Being home and spending quality time with family is a gift, but if you need to make private phone calls or meet with clients in-person, it can be a difficult task while at home.

I have always struggled with working from home because I can get easily distracted by my bed, the couch or the television. I’m not as productive due to lack of community and the difficulty of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I know these are common issues with others. Just know that Connect is a place that feels like home because we are community-minded but also gives you that feeling that you’re going to get so much accomplished because we offer an atmosphere that you will thrive in.

Since we re-opened our doors in May, our foot traffic and inquiries have increased. People are itching to return to some normalcy and we can’t wait to provide them with a professional, safely distanced environment that they will enjoy returning to on a regular basis.

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