Bradenton Means Business: Stress-Free Activities in the Age of COVID-19

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Let’s Connect, Bradenton!

Here are some easy ways to be stress-free while also being socially distanced during COVID-19.

Read a good book: Fortunately for us, the Manatee County Library System has reopened to the public. There are some new safety precautions in place so please read those here. With that said, I’ve always found the library as a place to escape to when I needed a new book or movie to take my mind off of stressful things.

I went to the library during the first week they reopened and checked out my next read: “The Alchemist.” I’ve heard so many great things about this book and I can’t wait to dig in.

What is one book you look forward to reading? 

Take a walk: Walking clears my mind when I just need to get out of my apartment. There’s just something about the breeze and hearing the birds chirp that brings me peace. It’s truly the little things in life that matter the most.  

Listen to music: Obviously, I’m a huge music fan and it’s a big factor in bringing me back to center. I can find a playlist for any mood, thanks to Spotify. Music has calmed me on my most emotional days. A song that always lifts me up is one by a duo named Surfaces. In their song, “Sunday Best,” they write: 

Hey, feeling good, like I should

Went and took a walk around the neighborhood

Feeling blessed, never stressed

Got that sunshine on my Sunday best.”

This song always puts me in the right mood. It reminds me that things will work out and I will be fine. It’s songs like these that we need to have on constant repeat until we get out of the funk we’re in. Music has the power to change moods. What’s the song that changes yours?

Watch a feel-good movie: One of my favorite feel-good films of all time is “Remember the Titans” starring Denzel Washington. The film is based on a true story about head high school football coach, Herman Boone’s move to Alexandria, Virginia where he tries to integrate a segregated football team.

Talk about overcoming major obstacles. This film really soars and is one of the most inspirational films I have personally seen. Remember the Titans is a great comeback story about overcoming our differences and coming together to meet one goal: win.

Count your blessings: Write down your thoughts. Journaling is a great and healthy way to express your feelings. Think of journaling as a letter to yourself that one day you will look back on and read as a diary entry. Journaling can be very therapeutic and bring revelations about ourselves that we didn’t know existed. When there’s no one to talk to or something is on your mind that you might be too embarrassed to reveal, journaling will give you the satisfaction you need to let it all out.

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